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Our law office is committed to providing the highest quality defence services in the field of so-called of company/economic criminal law and in the criminal proceedings for criminal offenses in this area, as well as in other penal/delict proceedings, primarily proceedings against legal entities and their responsible persons.

We are experts in defence in criminal proceedings for economic crimes, as well as crimes related to corruption, money laundering, taxes, and public procurement.
We are one of the few legal teams that is specialized and has extensive experience in defence for environmental pollution criminal and criminal offenses related to hazardous waste management.

Because of the consequences that may affect companies and their responsible persons in the form of potential fines, but what is even more important – in restrictions that may threaten their future business (inability to obtain certain permits or possibility to lose them, the inability to participate in public procurement procedures or other tenders etc.), a special area of our practice is focused on defence and representation in misdemeanour proceedings and commercial offenses proceedings.

We successfully and dedicatedly represent clients in misdemeanour proceedings and economic offense proceedings, primarily in the areas of customs, environmental protection, waste management, transport and logistic, taxes, banking, financial and commercial operations, construction, mining, energy, insurance and other areas of law.

We advise companies and their management bodies in relation to identification, risk assessment and compliance of their internal procedures with criminal and other penal provisions.

We advise and represent international and domestic companies, as well as individuals in criminal and other penal proceedings in which they appear as damaged parties of the commission of criminal acts to their detriment, as well in relevant litigations or other proceedings in order to eliminate the consequences of criminal or other penal acts.